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I am very happy to be part of the breathing session with my friend and breath work master Marc.
It makes totally sense to connect with your body with a gentle yoga flow right before the breathing session starts.
We are holding this space at Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin Kreuzberg, a very nice location full of art, food and body work.

Date: 25th of February, 10 am 

welcome to a safe space where you are invited to practice yourself in connected, conscious breathing - tap into your full potential and experience the power of your body and the breath. releasing negative stress from your everyday life, piled-up emotions, and letting go of things that keep you stuck in the past.

"YOGA + BREATH is a special event, for which I invited a good friend of mine. birgit, a professional yoga teacher, created a yoga session which is tailored to fit in perfectly with breathwork. it will help you warm up and open the chakras. for our first session we would like to introduce the water element."

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How to ...

bring comfortable clothes, a water bottle and that favorite blanket of yours. 
Yoga mats, eye folds, and blankets are provided (the latter on a first-come-first-serve basis)
1. check-in
2. a 30-minute yoga session with birgit 

3. a 60-minute guided breathing session with music
4. sharing circle with snacks (provided)

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the gram: @breathwork.marc, @koerper8

oder schreib mir einfach: 0177 2631774